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Name: Finn Wolfhard

Birth date: 23 of December 2002 (15 y.o.)

Place of birth: Vancouver, Canada

Height: 170 cm Weight: 62 kg

Birth Sign: Capricorn

Chinese zodiac: Horse

Occupation: actor

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Finn Wolfhard’s Biography

Finn Wolfhard is a 14-year-old actor and musician from Canada who is now at the beginning of his career. He played successfully the role of Richie Tozier in the new screen adaptation of «It» by Stephen King. However, the popularity he took from the previous work in the series-thriller «Stranger Things», where a young man played the role of Mike Wheeler, a friend of a mysteriously disappeared boy.
A star of «It» and the series «Stranger Things» Finn WolfhardA star of «It» and the series «Stranger Things» Finn Wolfhard

Early Life

Finn Wolfhard was born on 23 December 2002 in the family of a Canadian writer. So, he «communicated» with the world of cinema from early childhood. The appearance of the second son (the family already had a child before Finn’s birth – his older brother Nick) nothing has changed in dad's career.
Wolfhard Finn’s baby photo (with older brother)Wolfhard Finn’s baby photo (with older brother)
Finn spent all his childhood in Vancouver (Canada). Despite the presence of the German-French roots, the family almost did not leave the country. The «home» boy got his first public experience when he went to Catholic school where he continued to study after becoming popular. Finn did well, although he spent so many time to shooting and the passion for music. The boy was talking about himself without the snobbery finishing eighth grade.

The Career

An amazing generation of 2000-children do not expect help from the world, they act themselves. Thanks to his father Finn was always interested in all that pertains to the 80s years of the last century, so his passion for music is much «older» than his hobbies to the movie. «I do not only love retro music, I can really enjoy it,» says Wolfhard. He plays the Fender guitar, sings good and even starred in two videos by indie-punk-rock band PUP.
Sleep in the heat (Finn Wolfhard in PUP music video)
However, over time, his love for cinema became brighter, stronger. Finn sent lots of applications to participate in the filming of various movies among many other young people, dreaming about big screens. In 2012, he appeared in the video of the local band Facts.
9 year-old Finn in «Facts» band's music video
2013 was a turning point for Finn – he was first invited to play a role, albeit small and in a short film, but it was a real job. Interestingly, he found the announcement of actors employing on Craigslist platform.
Finn got his first role in the movie in 11 yearsFinn got his first role in the movie in 11 years
A year later Finn played the role of Zoran in the series «The 100» and then re-appeared on the screen in the science fiction series «Supernatural». Of course, these roles were sporadic, but the young actor was imbued with the magic of movie making, so the next request was serious. He got the second leading role in the series «Stranger Things» by Duffer brothers.
Finn Wolfhard in the TV series «Supernatural» (season 11, episode 5)Finn Wolfhard in the TV series «Supernatural» (season 11, episode 5)
A new project from Netflix has become a very successful combination of mysticism, science fiction, and nostalgia for the 80s. A lot of TV-shows need time to «disperse» events, but in this case, the writers (Duffer brothers also) captivated the viewers from the first series. A boy Will disappears, and his friends, among them, were Finn’s character, begin their own investigation. Gradually they realize that the loss of their friend has a paranormal cause, but also meet a mysterious Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). Will’s mother on the brink of madness (Winona Ryder) starts a parallel search.
A frame from the TV series «Stranger Things»A frame from the TV series «Stranger Things»
Finn together with other actors received the Screen Actors Guild Awards for this role. Finn says Mike’s role made him more mature, he began to look different on a lot of things.
The cast of «Stranger Things» in real lifeThe cast of «Stranger Things» in real life
The young actor’s play in the TV series was noticed by Andy Muschietti, a film director, intending to remake a known film «It». Finn played the role of a cheeky prankster Richie Tozier in the first episode of the film, which release took place in September 2017.
Viewers remember Richie Tozier performed by Finn Wolfhard due to bad jokesViewers remember Richie Tozier performed by Finn Wolfhard due to bad jokes
The audience enjoyed the premiere of the horror film «It» with Bill Skarsgard in the role of Pennywise in the fall, and the second season of «Stranger Things» was released on Halloween. The young actor was very nervous about this, his posts on Instagram were full of anxious messages.

Finn Wolfhard’s Private Life

As the actor said in an interview in 2017: «I'm studying, hanging out with friends, playing guitar and filming. I’m too young for another kind of personal life, girls do not interest me».
Heart of a rising star is still freeHeart of a rising star is still free

Finn Wolfhard Today

Finn’s plans are built up to 2019, when Netflix is going to release the animated series «Carmen Sandiego», where the boy will voice one of the characters. He also was approved for the role in the movie «Dog Days» (release expected in 2018). It is possible that his filmography will be enriched with new works even before. In addition to filming, Finn is involved in many photoshoots for fashion magazine clothing, his face often glimpsed on the covers of the i-D magazine, Status. Finn dresses with taste, which also makes him stand out from the crowd of peers. He plays amateur sports too. Also, Finn continues to play the guitar since it is his constant «life companion».
Finn Wolfhard photoshoot for i-D MagazineFinn Wolfhard photoshoot for i-D Magazine
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