Justin Bieber as a sexy blonde

The singer has surprised the public by his makeover on his new photo.

“Meet my sister Rachel Bieber” – Justin wrote on his social media account under the posted picture of his “so-to-say” sister.
Justin BieberJustin Bieber
The photo portrayed a hot, well-figured blonde young lady with a very bright-coloured manicure and the face of Justin Bieber with a scruff. Only in matter of days the singer’s followers liked his post five million times. Five million likes!

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“You and your sister look really alike”, “She is just like you, Justin, perhaps, your mom gave birth to 2 daughters – you and Rachel?”, “This is a photoshopped photo of Kim Kardashian, lol”, “Rachel Bieber is a beauty!”, “Justin Bieber, why are you wearing a dress?”, “Now everything is clear about your sexual orientation…”, “I have hung out with her, she is really cool”, Oh wow, this is Jessica Bieber”, “Dude, I am gay but this photo made me straight…”, – commented Justin’s fans.

Past March Justin also introduced his “so-to-say” brother. “The time has come for me to present to you my brother Tony Bieber”, – captioned another of his photoshopped photos the singer. Compared to Rachel, Tony looks nothing like Justine. His followers assumed that his has a different father.

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