Секс-символом Instagram стала 49-летняя бабушка

Секс-символом Инстаграм стала 49-летняя Жаклин Берридо Пизано.

Глядя на эту красивую, подтянутую, молодую женщину сложно поверить, что через два года она разменяет шестой десяток.
49-летняя Жаклин стала звездой Инстаграм49-летняя Жаклин стала звездой Инстаграм
Год назад Жаклин завела страничку в социальной сети Инстагарм и благодаря своим фотографиям довольно быстро завоевала приличную аудиторию. После того, как в марте британское издание The Sun признало ее самой красивой бабушкой в мире, количество ее подписчиков увеличилось в три раза и сейчас насчитывает треть миллиона. У Жаклин есть дочь и две внучки, она называет их "моя банда". Жаклин обожает брендовую одежду и море. Редакция uznayvse.ru хочет добавить, Жаклин Берридо Пизано итальянка славянского происхождения. По образованию она филолог. Женщина свободно владеет пятью языками. У нее есть компания по организации тендеров.

Hello my wonderful divine souls I'm so moved with your messages, your hurtful life stories... women from all over the world, who write me seeking help and support, women like me, who lost their children. I THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR LOVE 💙👼🏼 Since my Son is gone, I literally lost all my dreams. I dreamed just once since his absence .. and that dream happened (better to say I had my vision of him) just once. I saw him radiating happy and smiley.. I felt infinite love and joy.. love that I never ever felt before, and I'm gonna be 49 years old in a few months. I was overwhelmed with love!! His love. Unconditional! He smiled and we both knew he is not on Earth anymore. I felt he is well and happy...can't explain.. but we communicated without words.. just thoughts and feelings. It's unique life experience that can not be compared with anything else in my life. I thought I'm not letting him go back there..I thought I will hug him so strong and won't let him go! So I hugged him strong feeling each muscle of his athletic body, perfume.. texture of his jeans shirt.. it was more real than any other experience I've ever had before or after. But at the same time I knew it's a "dream" ...Starting to break a part in tears and despair.. At the same instant struck me how it affected him immediately ... he suddenly became broken inside.. he was tearing a part..in pain and despair.. he transmitted me that message in a way I can not even today explain to myself...My tears and despair are the only thing keeping him away from perfect happiness he is enjoying now .. He is back home and waiting there for me ... and I woke up! I have made many decisions and had quite a life after this experience. The faith and love that I received in every cell of my body has never left and has grown and matured more and more. I became a more aware of human needs,sensibility.. and I never spoke of this experience before. I searched and gained both scientific and much of spiritual knowledge and will continue in that direction. (Read more in my first comment can't fit all here)

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Жаклин считает, что для того, чтобы молодо выглядеть, следует не думать о своем возрасте, вести здоровый образ жизни и регулярно заниматься спортом.
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